“We’re very young that time” — aespa’s NingNing proudly shared her connection to a male contender on ‘The Next Stage 2023’

In her role as a mentor on the Chinese survival show “The Next Stage 2023,” aespa’s NingNing had a special encounter with a familiar person from her past.

After watching a performance by one of the male contestants, NingNing disclosed her connection with him, expressing, “I’d like to share something. Bao and I were friends since we were young.”

NingNing went on to reveal that she and Bao were childhood friends who used to sing together. They had even appeared on the same show in the past.

Reflecting on their younger days, NingNing remembered how inexperienced they were as singers, which is not the case anymore.

NingNing mentioned, “We’ve known each other since we were around ten or eleven years old. We were just kids back then, and our singing was quite childlike. We were very young, and our voices were still developing.”

NingNing expressed her surprise at how much Bao had changed and grown. She remarked, “We hadn’t seen each other in a long time, and his voice sounded so much manly now. It’s hard to believe.”

When Bao confirmed that it had indeed been a while since they last met, NingNing invited him to join her for “rice noodles in Changsha” sometime later.

Bao gladly accepted the opportunity to reconnect with NingNing, responding with a smile, “Of course, that sounds good.”

Perhaps NingNing and her childhood friend will have the chance to sing together again, reminiscent of their earlier days.



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