Netizens react to angry fans holding truck sign protests outside Pledis Entertainment urging Joshua to leave SEVENTEEN

Following recent dating rumors, enthusiasts have dispatched a protest vehicle urging Joshua to depart from SEVENTEEN.

Joshua has found himself entangled in speculation regarding a romantic involvement with an influencer, and it appears that certain followers are dissatisfied with the supposed relationship.

On August 10th, an online user shared pictures of a protest truck stationed in front of SEVENTEEN‘s agency, Pledis Entertainment.

The proclamation on the truck reads, “Joshua, it’s time to move on. We oppose dating, lip-syncing, and public displays of affection. A public figure who disregards the efforts of fellow members and the genuine support of fans should not be welcomed in the future!

Other supporters express their disillusionment with Joshua‘s dating rumors, yet they do not desire his departure from the band.

Additionally, some fans suggest that the protest truck might have been arranged by an international fan, given the manner in which the message is formulated.

Netizens comments included:

“Maybe you folks should leave fandom!!!”

“Joshua’s age is 27! I’d like to know how old the so-called fans are who think idols shouldn’t date. And is it normal for a 27-year-old, young, good-looking man to have no personal life?”

“The majority are kids whose parents didn’t teach them any manners.”

“Really, this is just a sad thing. They think that just because they are “fans,” they can tell a hero what to do with his or her life. How horrible!”

“Fans who send out such trucks should quit the following. Let Joshua be happy and leave him alone.”

“Pathetic. They’re not your boyfriends. They’re also not monks. Let them do what they want. They sing, but they’re not your pets.”

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