Actress Kim Sae Ron is set to return to the entertainment industry after 15 months but netizens aren’t pleased

As per reports from a media outlet on August 10 KST, renowned actress Kim Sae Ron is set to make her comeback to the entertainment industry after an absence of about a year and three months, following her involvement in a DUI incident.

The production company EI Brothers confirmed to the media on this day that Kim Sae Ron will be featured in the music video for the track titled ‘Bittersweet’.

Christine Corless will perform the upcoming song, and EI Brothers will produce it. Apart from the singer and the title, not much is currently known about the music video, except for the fact that Kim Sae Ron will take on the role of the female lead.

In the meantime, it’s worth noting that Kim Sae Ron had previously been fined 20 million KRW for her role in a collision caused by driving under the influence back in May 2022.

During the incident, the actress’s vehicle struck multiple objects on the roadside, leading to a power outage in the vicinity.

Netizens comments included:

“So many male celebrities who have dui and yet are still in the entertainment industry. I hope she learned from her mistakes.”

“DUI is one thing, but how about the pity party cosplay?”

“Thick-skinned like all the other celebrities who came back!!”

“Whoever decided it was okay to try to cast her… Are you insane?”

“Wow, she’s the worst.”

“You’re making a huge mistake.”

“Just please keep resting.”

“I hope she learned her lesson, and I am glad she’s getting another chance!”

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