“This is relatable!” Why Taemin fought with everyone in SHINee, and how they fixed it

Ahn So Hee wasn’t expecting it, but she could understand.

Taemin of SHINee and Ahn So Hee, who used to be in Wonder Girls, were talking about how they were both young when they made their debuts. They couldn’t avoid talking about differences in their groups.

Taemin told the truth when he said that SHINee‘s fifth year wasn’t easy. He said that he was the only one who had fought with everyone in the group.

Taemin said, “I have a bit of an irritable personality” when he thought about those fights. Still, there was a reason behind it. One that Taemin couldn’t change.

Taemin felt like he wasn’t taken seriously because he was the youngest member. He said, “You know, I’d rather not get a lot of attention. I mean, sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on something because I’m young.”

And because he was a teenager on the verge of becoming an adult, Taemin‘s hormones were going crazy, which made him act rashly and get into fights with the other members. Still, they never left things on a bad “Note.”

If Taemin got into a fight with someone, they and he would quickly make up. Taemin said, “After we fought, we’d go to the roof and make up.” This made Ahn So Hee laugh. The idol’s growing pains weren’t unique.

Ahn So Hee could connect because she came out a year before Taemin and was only a year older. She told the other Wonder Girls that she was proud of how well they handled her rough teenage years.

She even said that they had fought really hard once.

Sohee, who was 16 at the time, was not easy. I really appreciated the people. It went over well with the unnies.”Ahn So Hee

Taemin and Ahn So Hee showed how hard it can be for young stars and the rest of the group to deal with teen hormones.



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