“Indeed, a walking green flag!” 2PM’s Lee Jun Ho was praised for how he dealt with the crowd at the airport

He’s a walking “green flag” sign.

Junho of 2PM, whose real name is Lee Jun Ho, is getting praise for what he did at an airport.

Junho recently went to Japan for his “Mata Aeruhi” 2023 Arena Tour. On Monday, August 7, he arrived back in South Korea without any problems at Gimpo International Airport.

Fans were, of course, happy to see Junho back. So, a big group of people met him.

Fans from all over the world worried online about safety and security in the situation. Junho seemed to be surrounded.

But Junho was also praised for how he dealt with the situation. He was worried about other people in the crowd, especially a child.

He stopped and let everyone know to watch out for the child.

Netizens said that even though he was tired from acting and traveling, he still cared about other people. It showed how thoughtful and kind he really is.

Junho stopped and let everyone know to watch out because there was a child in the crowd. He’s too thoughtful and aware. Fans should also be careful in these cases. I always see chaos #JUNHO #LeeJunho # # #LEEJUNHO_ArenaTour2023 pic.twitter.com/pAl9lPyer3″— Daisy likes KING JUNHO (@daisy_talks) The date is August 7, 2023.

Junho has been like this for a long time. No matter what is going on, he always cares about the well-being of others, whether it’s his co-star, staff, kids, etc.

Junho is a living example of a green flag.



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