“What is that?” — TXT’s Yeonjun proves that he is a fashion icon by wearing some strange boots

Fans don’t know how they feel about them.

Yeonjun of TXT is rightly thought to be one of the most stylish K-pop idols of his age.

The rapper and singer has a unique style that can’t be copied. He often wears bold statement pieces that go well with his unique aura.

Yeonjun is also very open to clothes that look like they could be worn by either a man or a woman. This has made him more famous among people who like fashion.

In fact, the star showed for the brand ul:kin for the first time at New York Fashion Week 2021.

Yeonjun‘s influence as a K-Pop fashionista is obvious, but if anyone still has doubts, his latest Instagram post might be the end of it.

On July 5, KST, he shared a series of pictures of himself out in the streets wearing a cool outfit with the caption “Summer in Chicago.”

The idol also tagged the account of the art group MSCHF, which is best known for making the huge red boots that split the internet earlier this year.

Some people thought it was funny and on the cutting edge of fashion, but others hated it.

No matter what you thought, those red boots were all anyone could talk about on the internet for a long time.But Yeonjun did not have those boots on in the photos.

Since he is a fashion expert, you would expect him to be ahead of the trends, not behind them. In the pictures, he was wearing the new yellow boots that MSCHF and Crocs made together.

The shoes still come in sizes that are too big to be funny, and they are just as porous as Crocs are known for.

Yeonjun wore the shoes with a simple all-black outfit: a black t-shirt with a graphic and a pair of baggy black pants.

He also wore a black printed bandana scarf around his arms. Even though the yellow boots stood out from the rest of his outfit, he was still able to pull off the look.

Some fans couldn’t stop looking at the shoes, giving them funny names like “Micky Mouse shoes” and “Cheese stompers.” Some people thought that Yeonjun‘s look only worked because he wore it.

Yeonjun replied to the post with another video that showed how funny it was to watch him take off the boots.

He was so tired that someone else had to help him take off his shoes while he was lying on the couch at the end of the room.

You can count on Yeonjun to be the most stylish but most disorganized person in the room.



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