BTS Jungkook garners attention for his response to an insulting remark about the “painful” experience of watching his live broadcast

It was about an ARMY that didn’t know how to speak Korean.

Jungkook of BTS has become famous for his “savage” answer to an ARMY‘s comment that it was “painful” to watch his live broadcast.

Jungkook has been giving ARMYs live feeds for the past few months, whether he’s just chatting in bed, working out, or even with his best friend Mingyu from SEVENTEEN.

Jungkook usually speaks in Korean when he’s live, but he always tries to say a few things in English so that foreign fans can understand him, especially when there aren’t live subtitles.

On August 3, Jungkook went live again and gave fans some great times to remember.

During the live show, ARMYs couldn’t hold back their anger when Jungkook read a comment from a viewer who didn’t speak Korean and said that watching the live was “painful” because they couldn’t understand.

“It hurts to watch the live because I don’t speak Korean. I don’t understand what you mean.”— An ARMY said

Instead of ignoring it, fans couldn’t hide how proud they were of Jungkook‘s harsh answer.

Jungkook started by saying that he, too, has trouble with languages. He then suggested that the fan learn Korean with him so that they could both focus on learning and stop making comments like this.

“I feel the same way here. Let’s start to learn together. Now, start learning Korean. Let’s put in a lot of work to learn Korean.”Jungkook

The idol didn’t apologize, but he did say that he has trouble with language and that netizens should understand how annoying it is for him as well.

He then stressed that the ARMY should start learning Korean, and he ended by saying “fighting.”

I find it hard too. How annoying must it be for me, too, huh? We should start to learn Korean. “— Jungkook

Netizens couldn’t get enough of Jungkook’s answer when the translations were tweeted out during the live show.

In the past, ARMYs have told people watching Weverse broadcasts not to talk about how they don’t understand the stars because of language barriers.

After seeing Jungkook‘s answer, fans praised the star and said that ARMYs should learn some Korean to meet Jungkook halfway.

Many stars are learning English because they want to talk to fans from all over the world, but ARMYs were mad that someone left such an insulting comment.

Jungkook always tries to talk to everyone, and ARMYs loved how the idol’s answer took away any sense of ownership the fan might have had.



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