“Proper credit is essential!” — The Boyz’s Kevin’s cryptic message fuels fan suspicions, hinting at songwriting credits issue!

Fans of The Boyz member Kevin suspect that he recently sent a coded message to express his dissatisfaction with his label, IST Entertainment, for not giving him credit as a song-writer.

The messages sent on the Bubble platform during August 4-5 KST contained only emojis.

One fan managed to decipher the emojis as “PLACEE PASSION CREDS” and speculated that Kevin might be upset about not receiving credit for the song “Passion Fruit,” which is track #2 from The Boyz‘s upcoming album ‘[PHANTASY] Pt.1 Christmas In August‘.

According to IST Entertainment‘s tracklist for the album, “Passion Fruit” was composed by Oliver Forsmark, BB ELLIOT, and Chris Meyer, with lyrics by the same composers as well as Ellie Suh and Sunwoo, another member of The Boyz.

Prior to this coded message, Kevin had shared some messages on Bubble that hinted at his feelings, such as “Don’t let your creativity be stolen too easily. Take care of it, your creative property yall,” and “There’s no such thing as effort without fruit. I believe that everything contributes to my personal growth for the future. Take it one day at a time! One task at a time! Slow and steady!“.

Notably, Kevin had previously spoken up about a similar incident regarding the song “36.5° (Melting Heart)” in which he had written a specific English line that fans seemingly overlooked.

K-netizens were taken aback by the possibility that Kevin was not being given proper credit for his creative work and left various comments expressing their shock and support for him.

Netizens comments:

“That’s incredibly unfair! How can they credit other members but not Kevin? It’s unacceptable.”

“He should definitely address this matter seriously with his company. It’s not something to be ignored.”

“If it’s true, he has every right to take legal action. Proper credit is essential!”

“Why is the company treating Kevin like this? It’s outrageous.”

“This company seems terrible if they can’t even give credit where it’s due.”

“Imagine if he tried to talk to the company, but they just brushed him off. That would be terrible.”

“The emojis definitely seem intentional. He must be really frustrated.”

“If the allegations are true, Kevin must be feeling so hurt and wronged.”

“Even if it’s just a few lines of English lyrics, he deserves to be credited properly. This company should respect their artists.”

“It’s disappointing to see how some companies exploit their artists and disregard their creative contributions.”

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