Netizens Talk About How Beautiful NewJeans Haerin Is Without Her Typical Circle Lenses

Even without them, she’s pretty.

All of the girls in NewJeans are gorgeous, and each has her own charms and special qualities that make her beautiful.

Of course, makeup and hairstyles can make them look even better, but it’s easy to see that they’re all beautiful on their own.

When it comes to Haerin, her cat-like features are what stand out the most. Many fans find them cute.

Her eyes, in particular, are very sharp and big, which makes her hard to confuse with anyone else.

She also often wears circle lenses, which make her look even more like a doll and almost out of this world.

Netizens have recently noticed how Haerin looks without her trademark circle lenses, and it really shows that she’s beautiful with or without them!

In a recent behind-the-scenes video from their “ETA” dance practice, all of the girls looked fresh-faced and glowing with little or no makeup and casual clothes.

On an online forum post, people talked about screenshots of Haerin without her circle glasses. Even though she looks different, her cat-like beauty is still there.

We love to see the members of NewJeans just being happy and sure of themselves, as they should be.

Here are how netizens feel about the pictures of Haerin without her circle glasses.

Most of the comments are positive, but some people worry that she might feel too much pressure to always wear circle lenses because so many people are used to seeing her do it.

As long as Haerin is happy and content with herself, which she should be, that’s all that really counts.



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