Newjeans Minji Captivates With a Bold Makeover, Draws Praise for Her Trendy Wavy Hairstyle

In a recent event, Minji, a member of the popular 4th generation girl group NewJeans, has left her fans in awe with her breathtaking beauty showcased through her latest makeup look.

NewJeans is currently leading the K-pop industry as trendsetters, and all of its members, including Minji, have been consistently capturing the hearts of both the general public and their devoted fans, thanks to their exceptional beauty.

Among the members, Minji, in particular, has garnered significant attention due to her recent makeup transformation, which perfectly accentuates her already radiant features.

Netizens have expressed their admiration for Minji‘s appearance, showering her with positive comments:

“Minji looks absolutely gorgeous with that makeup!”

“Wow, Minji’s beauty is shining these days!”

“I can’t get enough of Minji’s new look, you have to watch the video!”

“Honestly, all the NewJeans members are getting prettier with time!”

“She looks so lovely with that colorful makeup, it suits her well!”

“Minji’s attractiveness keeps growing the more you see her!”

“She’s becoming more and more beautiful with each passing day.”

“Minji has always been pretty, but she’s looking stunning these days!”

“Her wavy hair complements her beauty so well.”

“I think she must have a new makeup artist; she looks flawless!”

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