Actress Han So Hee gives heartwarming yet practical advice to fans “who wants to be slimmer like her”

Actress Han So Hee held a live broadcast on the 4th.

On that day, Han So Hee revealed, “I have never contracted COVID-19 before. Even though I work without wearing a mask, I find it amazing that I’ve never caught it.”

She continued, “I wanted to ignore it, but I felt like I wouldn’t be able to respond to everyone, so I turned on the live broadcast. It feels like it’s been years since I did one.”

Furthermore, Han So Hee disclosed some TMI (too much information), saying, “I changed all the furniture in my house to colorful ones, but recently, I’m changing everything back to all-white. I’ve been ordering a lot. Colors are nice, but they make it feel complicated, so I’m going back to white.”

She also mentioned, “While working, I kept suppressing myself, and I changed from INFP to INTJ. Nowadays, I don’t shed tears often. I’m not sad. Depending on the situation, I have different emotions, so I decided not to trust them.”

In addition, Han So Hee shared, “I bought a foldable phone. I really wanted it. It’s slow, but it can also be used as a messenger. Staff members take a lot of pictures with it, and they come out nice.” She added, “I bought it because I love pressing buttons, but it’s actually more convenient. I’m just using it for communication, calling, and such.”

Furthermore, she conveyed a message about the shooting of “Gyeongseong Creature” with (Park) Seo Joon, saying, “We’re working hard, pouring our hearts and souls into it, so please wait a little longer.”

Moreover, she expressed her struggle, saying, “I have a photoshoot next week, and I want to snack so badly. If I can resist that, I can maintain a healthy weight, but I keep craving sweet things.”

Addressing fans who want to be as thin as her, she earnestly advised, “You shouldn’t try to be thin like me. Please take care of your health. What I do is part of my job, both inside and outside appearance. If it wasn’t for that, I would have maintained a normal weight. It’s not about being beautiful just because you’re thin. You look beautiful when you’re healthy. Of course, it would be nice if the clothes I wanted to wear fit perfectly. But I hope you won’t compromise your health for it. On the screen, I look slimmer than in real life, so I do diet, but being thin doesn’t necessarily mean being pretty. You need to be healthy to look beautiful.

In this way, Han So Hee, who is considered an icon of beauty, drew attention as she honestly expressed her opinion on the current trend of wanting to be thin.



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