BTS’s RM’s Album Poster Model Shares Their Encounter, Ignites a Fierce Debate

BTS’s leader RM is all set to drop his second solo album, ‘Right Place Wrong Person’, and the buzz is real!

The upcoming release is being teased with a variety of content, including intriguing concept photos and movie-like posters. One common thread in all the posters so far is the presence of non-celebrity faces alongside RM.

One such model recently sent the ARMY into a frenzy of confusion and debate as he recounted his encounter with the BTS rapper.

A fan account on X recently posted a video featuring the man from RM’s album poster talking about his meeting with RM.

He described RM as “absolutely charming” and mentioned that they chatted about his military enlistment.

But what really got the fans scratching their heads was the man’s recollection of RM “sitting on [his] lap for about fifteen minutes.”

This surprising statement ignited a fiery debate, with many fans questioning if they heard the man correctly. Some speculated that he might have said “lab” or “left” instead of “lap.”

However, the original poster (OP) put all speculations to rest by confirming that the man was indeed talking about RM sitting on his lap. The OP’s sister, who is a student of the man, clarified that he might have been half-joking about it.

Meanwhile, RM’s album ‘Right Place Wrong Person’ is slated for release on May 24. So, mark your calendars, ARMY!



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