“Oh my God!, Pretty Unnies!” Photos taken by journalists of NewJeans’ Minji and Haerin “expose” their true face value

When the picture quality isn’t great, but you’re NewJeans!

With their latest return, NewJeans once again hit the mark. The group’s second EP, Get Up, came out on July 21, and every song on it has been a huge hit around the world.

The group’s undeniable skill and good looks have attracted new interest and attention because of their huge success.

Like their music, people often say that NewJeans‘ looks are fresh, but each member is beautiful in their own way, which makes them stand out.

The group’s oldest member, Minji, quickly won over fans with her sharp features after her debut, while Haerin‘s face, which looks like a kitten’s, is often praised.

It’s not surprising that the members’ looks stand out in every picture shoot, stage performance, and press appearance, but good lighting and the right makeup help a lot.

But recently, Minji and Haerin were photographed while out for a walk, and fans were shocked at how beautiful they looked even in the low-quality photos.

When they were out with the rest of the group in Wicker Park, Chicago, they hit it off. The group is in the US right now to play at Lollapalooza 2023.

In the pictures, Minji was wearing a casual outfit: a big white t-shirt, black shorts, and black boots. She also had a shoulder bag and big sunglasses.

Haerin, on the other hand, gave her outfit a splash of color. She was seen in a dark green crop top and black cargo pants with ruffles. The light green crossbody bag made her look a little more interesting.

The fan-taken pictures of the two idols went viral on Korean community sites because netizens were amazed at how their looks stood out even though they were taken with less-than-flattering cameras.

Minji has a very small face.”
“Even in bad photos, Kim Minji‘s nose is crazy.”
“I like the way Minji dresses. Her face is so small-looking.”
“They really have small faces.”
“Even though the pictures were taken from a long way away, their faces aren’t funny.”

“I’ve always thought the same thing, but her nose is really great.”
“Ah, I love it TTTTT.”
“You’re so cool, Kim Minji!
“Is this her everyday style? I love it like f*ck…”
“No, but she really gives off an actress vibe,”
he said.
“In what country are we?”



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