“I feel sad for her” Actress Lim Ji Yeon Opens Up About Obsession and Pressure Amid Rising Fame

Renowned South Korean actress Lim Ji Yeon has candidly shared her struggles with the overwhelming pressure that comes with her recent surge in popularity.

The actress made the revealing confession during a guest appearance on tvN’s hit entertainment show ‘You Quiz On The Block,’ which aired on August 2nd.

Lim Ji Yeon‘s presence on the show captured the attention of viewers and fans alike, thanks to her successful performances in the dramas ‘The Glory’ and ‘House with a Yard.’ The talented actress proudly revealed that her social media following had skyrocketed, growing an astonishing tenfold since her newfound fame.

However, beneath the surface of her flourishing career and growing fan base, Lim Ji Yeon disclosed a less glamorous reality. “Lately, I’m afraid of the love and attention I receive. What if I disappoint them? I’m still scared of going to the filming set. In fact, the night before shooting important scenes, I often stay up all night,” she shared honestly.

During the episode, popular host Yoo Jae Seok empathized with Lim Ji Yeon, understanding the complexity of her emotions.

He pointed out how she tries to put on a brave face, to which she responded, “That’s why I’m trying to prepare more. Even though it might be exhausting, I can’t help but feel that not doing so is not an option.”

The actress then drew parallels between her feelings and an interview she once saw with veteran actor Hwang Jung Min on the same show.

Hwang Jung Min had reflected on his past, confessing that in his younger days, he pushed himself relentlessly to showcase his talent, but as he matured, he learned to let go and find joy in his craft.

Lim Ji Yeon felt that she related to those sentiments, admitting, “Right now, I feel like I’m pushing myself too hard. The obsession with ‘It has to be this way’ is also making it difficult for me.”

Yoo Jae Seok provided comforting words, drawing upon Hwang Jung-min’s experiences, and said, “(Regarding Hwang Jung Min) On one hand, he went through such a tough time, so of course, he can say that.

Nevertheless, Lim Ji Yeon expressed her ongoing stress, revealing, “I was certain that I would let go of this project, but the night before shooting, I felt so crazy.” Her heartfelt confession struck a chord with the audience, eliciting sympathy and support.

Lim Ji Yeon‘s openness about her struggles serves as a reminder of the immense pressure faced by celebrities in the limelight.

Her courage to discuss these challenges candidly may pave the way for more open conversations about the mental and emotional well-being of public figures.

As her fans rally behind her, many hope that she will find solace and balance amid the relentless demands of fame.



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