“His reaction is hillarious!” MONSTA X’s Hyungwon is shocked by how much ITZY’s Ryujin drinks

First, he didn’t know what to do.

Ryujin and Yuna from ITZY were guests on the second episode of MONSTOP TRIP, which was hosted by Shownu and Hyungwon from MONSTA X.

When they talked about booze, Ryujin told Hyungwon something surprising about how she drinks.

Hyungwon told Ryujin about a few places in France she could visit as St. Michael, his travel agent character. He was surprised that she wanted to add the booze store to the list.

Hyungwon asked Ryujin, “What kind of liquor do you like?” as a matter of course.

Since France is known for its wine, Hyungwon was surprised when she said, “Distilled beverages.” Even though he was surprised, Hyungwon kept his cool and asked her what her likes were.

Ryujin admitted that she liked soju and “Western liquor.” Hyungwon still hadn’t figured out what to do with her surprising answer, though.

As Hyungwon laughed again, he told Ryujin that she has “good taste” in the alcohol she drinks. She was happy to accept the praise from her boss.

Even if Ryujin goes to a country in another part of the world that loves wine, she won’t stop her drinking habit of looking for distilled liquor.



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