“They have unbreakable friendship” NewJeans Minji and Hanni Capture Hearts with Adorable Interactions and Hilarious Friendship!

They are so cute!

Netizens are paying attention to Minji and Hanni of NewJeans because of how cute they are together and how funny their relationship is.

Since both girls were born in 2004, they are “same-age friends,” which means there is no “older sister” and “younger sister.”

This means they are on the same level of politeness with each other and love to fight.

“You treated me badly again!!! Please!! Kim Minji!!”— Henry

But the sweet parts of the bond are just as valuable.

Netizens can’t help but fall for how cute they are together and how well they get along.

“They look and act like real best friends. They are so funny and nice lol”

“These two nice people fight, haha cute”

“They’ve been together for 4–5 years, so it’s no wonder they get along so well lol.”



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