“I can’t stop laughing!” Kim Se Jeong Reveals Hilarious Elevator Scenes in “Cho Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night”

Popular actress Kim Se Jeong recently appeared as a guest on the YouTube entertainment show, “Cho Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night,” where she candidly discussed the challenges she faced due to her unique and flexible physique.

On July 31st, viewers were treated to a delightful episode of “Cho Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night,” featuring Kim Se-jung as a guest alongside actor Kang Ki-young.

As Kim Se Jeong made her comeback with the drama “Mystic Rumor 2: Counter Punch,” she took the opportunity to shed light on the peculiarities of her role and the obstacles she encountered.

During the show, one of the questions directed at the talented actress revolved around her wardrobe choices in the fantasy drama.

Asked if she wears unusual clothes due to the nature of the genre, Kim Se Jeong explained, “I usually wear training clothes, but they are not suitable. In regular productions, I check my size while wearing clothes, and sometimes I worry if something might get stuck or if there’s an issue. However, with training clothes, they have the ability to stretch, so it doesn’t pose the same problem.”

Furthermore, Kim Se Jeong humorously shared the challenges she faced in maintaining her appearance while portraying her character. “My face isn’t visible much on-screen. When I’m in character and my hair is flying around, and I’m wearing a blood-stained robe, it’s hard to ensure a flawless look. So, to manage this, I deliberately smear blood on the V-line area,” she said, evoking laughter from the audience.

The actress also revealed the effects that filming the drama had on her physical appearance. She confessed, “I gained a lot of weight during the filming of this drama. People often ask if I lose weight due to the action scenes, but the reality is quite tough. I end up eating more, and it becomes challenging to control my weight because of the specific costumes required for the role. Consequently, my face looks quite different after the weight cut,” she lamented.

Adding a touch of amusement to the conversation, Kim Se Jeong shared an intriguing behind-the-scenes story. “There’s a noticeable difference in my appearance between scenes inside the elevator and scenes when I step out of it. Elevator scenes are filmed on the set, but the scenes when I exit the elevator are shot outdoors and continuously. When we shoot on the set, everything looks fine, but after eating and a week passes, it’s a whole different story,” she disclosed, leaving fellow guest Kang Ki Young in stitches and jokingly inquiring, “Did you gain weight in just 1 second?”

Kim Se Jeong‘s candid revelations and humorous anecdotes added a special charm to the show, endearing her even further to fans and viewers alike.

As she continues to captivate audiences with her talent and versatility, her dedicated fans eagerly anticipate her future projects and endeavors.



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