ZEROBASEONE’s Jiwoong has been making headlines for his incredible transformation from his pre-debut days

People on the Internet are talking a lot about how Jiwoong might have changed.

K-Pop fans and Korean internet users are talking about how much one member of the new boy group ZEROBASEONE seems to have changed. A post on TheQoo, a very popular community site, has gotten a lot of attention, with more than 53,000 views and almost 400 comments.

The post talks about how Jiwoong, the oldest member of the group, is said to have changed how he looks.

A group of pictures of him from before he joined the idol group ZEROBASEONE on the survival show Boys Planet to his most recent pictures as a rising idol were shared online.

Netizens say that there is a big difference between the idol’s pre-debut and post-debut pictures, which show how much his style and look have changed since he became famous.

In the pictures taken before his launch, Jiwoong has a powerful and seductive presence. From his sharp jawline to his strong biceps, the pictures of him before his start show that he is a very attractive man.

Also, his height adds to the general strong and intense look of the scene.

But the way the rookie star looks now tells a different story. Recent posts by Jiwoong show off his cuteness and softer side.

His makeup and style seem to have been changed to give him a more cute and youthful look. This led netizens to think that he had changed his look like most K-Pop stars do after their debut.

Before joining Boys Planet, Jiwoong made his singing debut in 2016 as a part of the K-Pop band INX, where he went by the stage name Jinam.

Even though the group broke up at the end of 2017, Jiwoong‘s career in show business didn’t stop there.

His first role was in the 2021 web thriller The Sweet Blood, which brought him a lot of attention and praise. Since then, he has been in K-dramas like “Don’t Lie, Rahee,” “Kissable Lips,” “Roommates of Poongduck 304,” and “The Good Bad Mother.”

Fans and people on the Internet are talking a lot about how Jiwoong is said to have changed from a sexy star to an adorable idol.

Some people think Jiwoong‘s change is cute and an exciting step in his career, while others miss his old look.

Because of all the talk about Jiwoong’s change, ZEROBASEONE stays in the spotlight. As Jiwoong‘s career as a star continues to grow, his fans are excited to see what’s next for him and how his style and image will change over time.

Even though things change, one thing stays the same: Jiwoong’s dedication to his skill and love of performing.

Jiwoong is an artist who is open to change and growth, which adds another layer to his appeal. He can have a sharp jawline, big arms, or an adorable, softer look.



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