MONSTA X’s Hyungwon embroiled in dating rumors with Kim Yoon Hee — netizens wonder if love has blossomed again

There are rumors circulating that Hyungwon from the group MONSTA X is currently in a relationship with announcer Kim Yoon Hee.

On July 28th, a post surfaced online claiming that Hyungwon and Kim Yoon Hee might have reunited.

In 2017, Starship Entertainment had previously released a statement stating that Hyungwon had broken up with his girlfriend in early 2016 and had not met her since then.

However, recent Instagram stories and posts by Kim Yoon Hee seem to suggest otherwise.

In one of her Instagram stories, Kim Yoon Hee responded to a prompt by saying that she might be responsible for introducing the song “Sweetheart” to someone, possibly referring to Hyungwon.

Additionally, in one of her recent posts, she zoomed in on the screen while MONSTA X was performing, which caught the attention of fans.

Netizens comments included:

“I don’t really mind if he’s dating someone, but I hope they can keep it private. Dating in the public eye can be tough.”

“Looks like this girl loves showing off her relationships, huh? That’s not always a good sign.”

“Given Hyungwon’s personality, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s in a long-term relationship. But let’s respect their privacy.”

“Fans seem pretty chill about it. Monbebe just want him to be happy, I guess.”

“Seriously, it’s been so long since they broke up. Why is she still making posts about him? Move on.”

“If they’re still dating, she’s probably making posts to keep the rumors alive. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.”

“Haha, she disabled comments for that particular post? Seems fishy to me.”

“I heard she almost got married to someone else after they broke up. Wonder what’s going on now.”

“Her routine gimmick? That’s a strange way to handle a relationship, if you ask me.”

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