“He’s a true heartthrob!” — Stray Kids’ Felix treats fans to a loveable boyfriend concept on Instagram!

Stray KidsFelix delighted his fans on Instagram with a set of new photos that exuded a boyfriend-like charm.

The ten pictures showcased his stylish blue hair, and he appeared effortlessly cool in various poses.

What caught the attention of many was the fact that he seemed to be makeup-free or wearing minimal makeup, adding to his natural appeal.

The photos looked like something a doting partner would take, highlighting Felix‘s endearing qualities. With his exceptional talents, striking visuals, and impeccable fashion sense, this K-Pop idol truly has it all.

The comments section was flooded with words of admiration and praise for Felix, and even luxury brand Bulgari joined in to express their approval.

Netizens comments:

“Felix never fails to impress! His blue hair is everything! 😍”

“I can’t handle this level of boyfriend material! ❤️”

“Those pictures look so candid and sweet. Felix is a true heartthrob!”

“His bare-faced look is so refreshing! He’s beautiful inside and out!”

“Felix, thank you for spoiling us with these amazing photos! We love you!”

“I wish I could take pictures like this with my significant other. Goals!”

“Felix’s fashion sense is always on point. He’s a true style icon!”

“I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve swooned over him. 😍”

“Bulgari’s approval?! Wow, Felix’s star power is undeniable!”

“STAYs are truly blessed to have someone as talented and genuine as Felix in our lives!”

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