“He’s on fire” — ATEEZ’s San shocks fans by pouring water all over his body at Tokyo Waterbomb

ATEEZ‘s San has once again pushed the boundaries of sexiness in the world of K-Pop.

During his performance at Tokyo Waterbomb, he surprised fans by pouring water all over his chest, dancing with a wet top throughout the rest of the show.

This daring act was hailed as the ultimate fan service ever delivered by him.

San‘s innovative and captivating stage presence shines through, and despite not being his first provocative move, this performance certainly caught everyone’s attention.

Witness his mesmerizing and sexy display in the video below:

Netizens comments included:

“Wow, San really knows how to make a splash on stage! 🔥💦”

“His charisma is off the charts! 😍”

“This is the reason why ATEEZ’s performances are always unforgettable!”

“San’s confidence is truly inspiring. 💪”

“I can’t get over how smooth his moves are, wet top and all! 😏”

“Kudos to San for fearlessly embracing his sexiness!”

“The term “fan service” just got redefined by San. 😄”

“ATEEZ is taking the K-Pop world by storm, and San is a big part of that success.”

“I’m constantly in awe of San’s stage presence. He owns every performance!”

“This performance is on fire, and so is San! 🔥🔥🔥”

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