“2 months of waiting” — TXT Yeonjun’s new post on Instagram is sending MOAs into a meltdown

Ever since TXT‘s Yeonjun joined Instagram in January 2022, he has been consistently sharing behind-the-scenes updates about his life on the platform.

Usually, he posts a couple of times each month, treating his fans to wonderful content and showcasing his impeccable fashion sense through his Instagram feed.

However, in the past few months, he experienced an unusual dry spell with no uploads.

Prior to today, his last post was on June 2, nearly two months ago. His fans, known as MOAs, have eagerly and impatiently been waiting for his return, and finally, the day has arrived!

Approximately five hours ago, Yeonjun delighted his followers by sharing three new photos on Instagram.

In these pictures, he shows off his fit physique and his latest hair color, a lovely light pink/lavender shade. The simple caption “Violet” references his fresh hair look.

While the reason for his extended absence remains unknown, his fans are overjoyed to see him back online.

The comments section of his post is filled with happy fans expressing their delight and showering him with compliments.

The news of his return also spread to Twitter, where fans shared even more excitement about Yeonjun’s comeback.

Let’s hope he won’t keep his followers waiting as long next time he goes offline.

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