NMIXX’s Lily receives no gifts at fan meeting, questioning other members’ lack of concern

A recent video from NMIXX‘s fanmeeting event has caught the attention of online users due to concerns about the treatment of member Lily by fans during the gathering.

The fanmeeting occurred on July 13, where fans gifted various cute headbands to the members. However, viewers noticed that Lily appeared visibly upset and received no gifts, unlike the other members.

Throughout the video, Lily seemed somewhat isolated, standing to the side while the other members interacted with fans.

Some viewers pointed out that the other members didn’t make enough effort to include her in their conversations and interactions.

The video sparked discussions among fans, with many expressing their love and support for Lily, hoping that she receives the attention and care she deserves in future interactions with fans.

Some individuals blamed the other members for not handling the situation better, while others attributed the issue to certain fans not treating Lily fairly.

The video also became a topic of discussion on online forums, with netizens sharing similar opinions and concerns.

Some of the comments include:

“It’s evident from the video that Lily was trying hard to hide her feelings. I hope the group addresses this and ensures everyone feels included in fan interactions.”

“If I attended the fanmeeting, I would have definitely given Lily something, even if she’s not my bias. It’s important to show support and love to all members.”

“Lily’s contribution to NMIXX’s songs should be acknowledged. Let’s not neglect her just because she might not be everyone’s bias.”

“This kind of favoritism is common in smaller fandoms. We should all be group stans and support each member equally.”

“I don’t think the original poster had bad intentions, but let’s be cautious about how our posts can affect the members’ image.”

“I feel bad for the group if this one event is now defining them negatively. Let’s not jump to conclusions without knowing the full story.”

“This situation reminds me of what happened with PRISTIN. Let’s hope NMIXX handles it differently and learns from past mistakes.”

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