TXT’s Beomgyu Is Rumored To Be Dating LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon, But Fans Are Wary Of The “Evidence”

Korean online communities are abuzz with a dating rumor involving TXT‘s Beomgyu and LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Chaewon.

The rumor originated from a tweet posted on July 29 KST, in which a netizen shared a picture of Beomgyu inside the TXT dorm.

While the photo seemed ordinary, an observant fan zoomed in on the group’s refrigerator and spotted what appeared to be a small standee of Kim Chaewon from her time with IZ*ONE.

This discovery led the netizen to question why there was Kim Chaewon merchandise in the TXT dorm.

The tweet quickly spread across various online communities, including Nate Pann, where one user speculated, “Could LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon and TXT’s Beomgyu be dating?“.

The user also pointed to a video of Kim Chaewon‘s reaction to TXT‘s performance of “Good Boy Gone Bad” at the previous year’s MelOn Music Awards, suggesting her concern during a pyrotechnics moment when Beomgyu held up a lighter.

In the comments section of the post, another netizen recalled Kim Chaewon singing a line from TXT‘s “Blue Hour” during an IZ*ONE VLIVE two years ago, while someone else mentioned a previous dating rumor involving Beomgyu. These references fueled further speculation among netizens.

Opinions were divided among netizens, with some considering these incidents mere coincidences, while others saw them as potential evidence of a deeper connection between Beomgyu and Kim Chaewon.

Netizens comments:

“First there were rumors about her dating Yeonjun, and now Beomgyu? Seriously, these rumors pop up for popular idols.”

“Beomgyu is such a heartthrob, no wonder there are dating rumors swirling around him.”

“How did fans even manage to spot that tiny standee on the fridge? Their attention to detail is impressive!”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions based on these little things. It could all be coincidental, you never know.”

“I remember Kim Chaewon singing that part of ‘Blue Hour,’ it was so cute! But it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dating.”

“Ah, the good ol’ dating rumor. It seems like every idol goes through this at some point.”

“I feel bad for them if they’re just friends. These rumors can cause unnecessary stress in their lives.”

“Manager-nim, can you please clean up the dorm’s fridge? It’s causing dating rumors now! 😂”

“Shipping culture can sometimes go too far. Let’s respect their privacy and focus on supporting their music instead.”

“I love both TXT and LE SSERAFIM, so if they are dating, I hope they’re happy together!”

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