“I feel the pain” Hanni Tells the Painful Truth of NewJeans’ First “Super Shy” Dance Practice

To make it look so easy, a lot of hard work went into it.

NewJeans were the most recent guests on IU‘s variety show, IU‘s Palette. They talked about their latest mini-album, played acoustic versions of their hit songs, and became friends with IU when they found out they had some surprising things in common.

The members of NewJeans taught IU how to dance to their song “Super Shy,” and everyone in the room joined in.

After showing the choreography to IU and the IU’s Palette team, the talented soloist asked Hanni how hard it was for her to learn the popular dance.

One of the most important parts of the routines for “Super Shy” is the use of waacking, a style of dance that started in Los Angeles gay clubs in the 1970s.

Waacking is a dance style that uses fast, rhythmic arm movements, poses, and isolations to make lines and forms.

Hanni said that the group has to keep moving their arms for three minutes as part of the routines.

She said that the NewJeans members had practiced waacking for five hours to get ready for their “Super Shy” routine.

NewJeans is known for their high-energy and well-timed shows, and Hanni told the group during their first lesson that she had worked hard to learn the dance.

She didn’t know she couldn’t raise her arms until she went to take a shower that night, which was pretty funny.

Hanni wasn’t the only one who was sore that night. She told us in a funny way that when the other five members came to practice the next day, they couldn’t lift their arms above their heads.

With more practice, the members of NewJeans got used to their new dance moves and shocked the Internet with their strong moves.



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