OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung transforms into a real-life Cinderella with glass heels at their comeback showcase

OH MY GIRL recently made a comeback with their song “Golden Hourglass.” For their dreamy concept, Hyojung donned an outfit that perfectly embodied the essence of Cinderella.

Her blue satin dress, adorned with glittery ruffles at the hem, made her look like she had stepped right out of a fairytale!

However, the most astonishing detail about her outfit was not the dress itself.

During the showcase, Hyojung stunned everyone by wearing impossibly high heels, and what made them even more intriguing was the fact that they were made of glass!

Fans and netizens couldn’t help but comment on this extraordinary choice:

Gasp! She looks just as pretty as a princess in a fairytale, but I hope she’s careful when she walks.”


“It’s fascinating that she can stand on one leg.”

“But she’s so pretty and fresh.”

“Wow, they look like shoes made of water.”

“She’s pretty, but be careful walking!”

“It suits her outfit. She really looks like Cinderella.”

“Feels like she’d get a cramp…”

“What’s more is they look a little big. She has to be careful.”

“Scary… She’s gonna twist her ankle.”

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