SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s ‘sexy side’ dominates the stage and drives fans wild during “Follow The Sun” concert in Seoul

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo became an internet sensation after his captivating performance of “Fire” during the “Follow The Sun” in Seoul concert.

Dressed in a striking red leather jacket that perfectly matched his leather pants, Wonwoo also sported a stylish black mesh top underneath. To complete the look, he added a black belt and a black glove, showcasing his impressive fashion sense.

Despite being known as one of the quieter members of the group, on stage, Wonwoo displayed an incredible duality that left fans and netizens stunned, especially with his unexpected and sexy side.

Not only were his visuals on point, but Wonwoo also delivered a flawless performance that left everyone in awe. The video of his performance went viral on Twitter, amassing an impressive 240,000 views.

Fans couldn’t help but thirst after him, and who could blame them? Comments poured in, expressing admiration and awe for Wonwoo‘s irresistible charm:

“His performance is legendary. I wish I could keep him all to myself, but it’s hard when everyone knows about him. Sigh, Jeon Wonwoo.”

“Wow, he’s totally guilty of being so attractive.”

“My god, he’s absolutely mesmerizing.”

“OMG, I can’t handle this!”

“He’s so freaking handsome. How does he manage to pull off such daring outfits?”

“Jeon Wonwoo, you have my heart.”

“Wonwoo, you can’t hide from the spotlight. We all adore you!”

“I fell for Wonwoo after watching Going Seventeen. He’s simply the best, my precious Jeon Kitty.”

“Sigh, Jeon Wonwoo. He’s got me enchanted.”

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