“Her face could pass as a pretty emoji!” Former (G)I-DLE member Soojin’s latest Instagram post has gotten a lot of positive feedback

Since she joined Instagram a few weeks ago, this is her fourth post.

Fans of Soojin, who used to be in the group (G)I-DLE, were thrilled when she got her own Instagram account at the end of June.

Since then, she has shared a few videos that have all gotten more than 1.5 million likes in the last few weeks.

She also has more than 2.6 million followers, which is an amazing number for someone who has only been on social media for a short time.

Fans of Soojin are happy to finally be getting semi-regular information about the former idol. Since she left (G)I-DLE in August 2021, not much was known about where she was.

And earlier today, Soojin gave her fans a new post of her smiling face.

There are four pictures in the post, and all of them are close-ups of Soojin‘s face that show off her beautiful features, like the cute mole under her eye.

No one knows yet if Soojin will try to get back into the star business, but it seems like many of her fans are happy to see that she seems to be healthy and doing well.

Most of the comments on the post are positive and full of praise for Soojin, which shows how much his fans like him.



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