“She’s born to be an idol” — IVE An Yujin amazing body proportions and slim waist capture netizens’ attention

An Yujin, a member of the popular group IVE, who is well-known among fans for her humorous personality, is now gaining attention for her incredibly slender waist and body figure!

Recently, on July 22, a post about An Yujin started trending on Nate’s community board Pann with the title, “An Yujin’s Hips: What’s the Secret?“.

The netizen who authored the post expressed admiration, saying, “I always knew she was fit and healthy, but her body is truly beautiful. I wish I had her figure.”

Moreover, the netizen also highlighted that An Yujin seems to possess a slim body line overall, leading them to wonder if even her bones are naturally suited for being a K-Pop idol!

As a result, numerous fans have become convinced that An Yujin‘s bone structure is naturally slimmer than the average person’s, and they left comments expressing their awe and envy:

“Apart from her hips, I find An Yujin’s legs incredibly pretty! The line from her thighs to her calves to her ankles is just stunning.”

“I’m so envious of her perfectly proportioned thighs and slim calves. She is undoubtedly the top female idol for me.”

“Her physique seems to be something she was born with, it’s amazing!”

“What’s up with this mind-blowing body she has?”

“An Yujin is my role model; I wish I had a body like hers.”

“Her body is incredibly attractive; it’s simply gorgeous.”

“Seeing how much being taller can make a person look better”

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