“Every gif of her is art!” — NewJeans’ Haerin sparkles during her music show comeback stage for ‘Cool With You’

NewJeans member Haerin stole the hearts of online users with her stunning appearance during the group’s recent comeback stage, where they performed their latest track, “Cool With You.”

Haerin‘s goddess-like visuals captivated fans as she showcased her signature “cat” shaped eyes, flawless complexion, and perfectly styled hair.

Netizens showered her with continuous praise on various online community forums, admiring her beauty.

The fancam of Haerin‘s performance during NewJeans‘ “Cool With You” comeback stage quickly gained popularity, nearing an impressive 100K views within just a few days of being posted.

Comments from netizens poured in:

“Wow, Haerin is absolutely breathtaking! 😍”

“I can’t get over how much she resembles a graceful cat, it’s incredible!”

“Her beauty is truly beyond words, she’s cute and pretty at the same time!”

“Haerin, you’re a visual queen! 👑”

“Every gif of her is like a work of art!”

“She’s like a mystical creature, a combination of an elf and a kitty! 🧚‍♀️😻”

“Among all the comebacks, Haerin shines the brightest in my eyes!”

“Her ethereal appearance makes her look like a celestial being! ✨”

“I’m in love with her cat-like eyes! 😻”

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