Netizens have a heated discussion whether or not aespa’s Karina looks like (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

Netizens on various online communities have recently been debating the resemblance between aespa‘s Karina and (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon.

One user initiated the discussion by posting a comparison of both Karina and Soyeon, titled, “I think Karina looks really like Soyeon for real.

Accompanying the post were photos of the two celebrities to facilitate the comparison.

The original poster admitted, “I didn’t think that they looked alike, but seeing their pictures like that, I can understand why people think they look alike.”

Here are some of the comments posted by netizens in response:

“Looking at it that way, they really do not look alike. Their facial features are completely different.”

“As a fan of another idol, I don’t really care about Karina or Soyeon, but if you believe they look alike after seeing this, don’t you have facial recognition impairment…?”

“Wow! I’m shocked at how different they look.”

“It seems like trolls are trying to gaslight people into thinking Karina looks like Soyeon. They keep writing these posts, but people aren’t reacting the way they want. Let’s leave both Karina and Soyeon alone ^^ and maybe show us your face instead.”

“Honestly, seeing them side by side, they don’t look alike at all. The OP must have been working hard every day to claim they look alike. It’s kind of pitiful, really, because they just don’t look alike…”

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