“My heart melts” — BTS Jungkook’s behind-the-scenes photos from “Seven” MV enchant netizens with his stunning looks

BTS Jungkook‘s appearance in behind-the-scenes photos from his music video for “Seven” captivated netizens, who expressed their admiration for his looks.

On July 16, a netizen posted on an online community forum, wondering if Jungkook had always been this good-looking.

The netizen couldn’t find adequate words to describe his handsomeness and noted the perfect blend of boyish and masculine charms.

Along with the post, the netizen shared several photos from the filming of Jungkook’s solo single.

The comments from K-netizens were as follows:

“He’s not only pretty but also incredibly handsome. My heart melts.”

“Jungkook’s beauty is beyond this world.”

“Apart from his handsomeness, he has an amazingly pure and clear aura.”

“Whether he’s being sexy or innocent, please choose one at a time. My heart can’t handle both.”

“He’s extremely handsome and talented, but he’s also like a baby and an older brother simultaneously.”

“In the scene at the laundromat, he looked exceptionally attractive.”

“His visuals are that of someone destined to be an idol.”

“His gentle face contradicts the body that seems incapable of being so gentle.”

“It’s true that he’s handsome, but his personality is also incredibly kind.”

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