“She seriously does not age” — TWICE’s Nayeon turns back the clock with her ageless beauty captured in jaw-dropping selfies

TWICE‘s Nayeon astounded online users with her youthful appearance in recent self-portraits.

Netizens were taken aback by TWICE member Nayeon‘s everlasting beauty in her latest selfies, comparing her to her “TT” promotional era.

A user on an online community platform shared their disbelief, stating, “Nayeon genuinely doesn’t age,” while sharing a collection of Nayeon‘s recent selfies that she had posted for her fans.

Nayeon flaunted her adorable and youthful looks with her short hair, bangs, and playful smiles, leaving many spectators envious.

Browse through Nayeon‘s delightful photos below!

Comments from netizens:

“She genuinely looks so youthful.”

“Is she truly 29 years old?”

“Nayeon appears incredibly young in these photos, radiating a refreshing aura.”

“Wow, she looks so youthful!”

“I’m not familiar with idols, so I assumed she was around 24, but I can’t believe she’s 29!”

“So adorable!”

“Such a refreshing and cute vibe!”


“She looks exactly as she did in the past.”

“Her appearance alone is perfect for an idol.”

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