“She deserves better” — BLACKPINK’s Jennie Sparks Regret among Fans with Her Recent Instagram Post About “The Idol”

BLACKPINK member Jennie‘s recent Instagram post has left her fans, known as BLINKs, feeling regretful about her role in the recent HBO series “The Idol.”

Despite being occupied with her idol activities, Jennie has been a popular topic of discussion in recent months due to her portrayal of Dyanne in the controversial series.

Although her role was not extensive, she managed to captivate viewers with her impressive dancing skills, undeniable presence, and expressive facial expressions.

On July 13, Jennie shared several photos from her time on the set of “The Idol.” The snapshots showcased her exquisite makeup, the impressive set, and even a cute picture of her in a “sexy” outfit, with Jennie playfully censoring herself in an adorable manner.

The photos depicted Jennie having a great time and offered a glimpse into the various aspects of starring in such a massive production.

While fans enjoyed seeing Jennie‘s behind-the-scenes shots, it also evoked a sense of regret regarding her role. The photos revealed previously unseen details of Dyanne‘s character that fans had not noticed before, such as the subtle nuances in her appearance.

However, one particular photo highlighted the stark contrast between fans’ expectations and the reality of Jennie‘s role.

In the photo, Jennie is seen perusing her script, and netizens couldn’t help but notice that it was only a few pages long.

This discovery deepened their disappointment, as Jennie had been promoted as a main star and used for publicity, but her role turned out to be rather insignificant.

When the photos were shared online, netizens expressed their thoughts on Jennie‘s role. Some attempted to make jokes about the short script, but their comments were largely driven by their dissatisfaction with Jennie‘s debut acting role, which fell short of their expectations due to her limited screen time and the controversies surrounding the series.

Jennie‘s character was left in a cliffhanger, and there is no confirmation whether netizens will ever see more of Dyanne.

However, it is evident that netizens were disappointed with the way Jennie‘s casting and role were handled, although many expressed relief that she was not involved in the controversies surrounding the series.



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