IVE’s An Yujin Steals Hearts with Her Enchanting Smile, Receives Thunderous Applause at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium

IVE‘s An Yujin made an exciting appearance at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium to support her hometown’s team, which brought immense joy to her fans.

On July 12, An Yujin attended the soccer match between Daejeon Hana Citizen and Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, where she had the honor of scoring the first goal for the 2023 K League 1.

Wearing a Daejeon Hana Citizen uniform, An Yujin greeted the crowd with her signature bright smile, instantly earning applause and cheers from the stands.

The commentators enthusiastically introduced her as “the daughter of Daejeon” and a “soccer goddess with a radiant and pure image.”

After successfully scoring a goal, An Yujin laughed and cheered with delight. Having been born in Daejeon and spending her formative years there, she has earned endearing nicknames such as “Daejeon’s daughter” and “Daejeon’s pride.”

Soccer fans at the match, as well as netizens, praised her lively personality and smile, which brought happiness to the entire stadium.

Additionally, her stunning beauty and remarkable physique caught the attention and admiration of everyone present.

Pictures of An Yujin at the match quickly circulated on online communities, leaving netizens amazed by her beauty and impeccable proportions.

Some of the comments from netizens include:

“An Yujin’s proportions are absolutely unbelievable.”

“She is incredibly gorgeous!”

“An Yujin’s proportions are mind-blowing, especially for someone as petite as her.”

“An Yujin is unbelievably beautiful!”

“Are her facial features and proportions even real? She looks stunning.”

“If An Yujin is there, count me in. She’s so pretty!”

“She looks exactly the same as she does on TV. She’s incredibly beautiful.”

In recent news, Hana Financial Group announced that An Yujin is their new model, and the singer herself shared a video confirming her attendance at the soccer match.

Be sure to watch the captivating moment of “Daejeon’s daughter” scoring a goal from a different perspective!



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