Jay Park’s “refreshing” take on Korean humility and respect on “Taste of Culture” receives positive feedback from netizens

Jay Park is receiving a lot of praise from Korean netizens for his appearance on the YouTube channel FO Squad Kpop’s talk show ‘Taste of Culture’.

In the video titled “The Side of JAY PARK that nobody sees | Taste of Culture”, Jay Park sat down with hosts Lou and Ousmane to discuss his principles and values in life.

During the talk show, Jay Park shared his perspective on why he believes South Korea values respect and modesty.

The topic came up when Ousmane pointed out the difference between the ostentatious tendencies of celebrities in the United States compared to Korean celebrities, who are known for their humility.

Jay Park explained that not many people know about Korea’s history of being annexed and how it was once illegal to speak Korean in Korea.

He also shared how Korea had to rebuild after the Korean War, which resulted in millions of deaths and the destruction of cities.

Jay Park also gave insight into the mandatory military service for all males in South Korea, explaining that it is not a tradition, but rather a necessity due to the fact that the war technically has not ended.

Jay Park’s explanation helped the hosts understand why Korean citizens do not flaunt their wealth as individuals and why many Korean celebrities display a more humble demeanor.

The hosts were surprised by this history and exclaimed, “There was a history behind this?! That is deep!”.

Korean netizens were impressed with Jay Park’s knowledge and perspective, leaving comments such as:

“Jay Park is amazing”

“He has a new point of view. He’s so clever”

“I admire Jay Park so much”

“I agree with what Jay Park said. Even after the IMF, it was seen as a good thing for Koreans to save money and show off their wealth.

“He grew up in the U.S., so he probably didn’t know much about Korean past. He must have been in school. He must have thought a lot about that for him to say something like that.

“That does make sense.”

“Jay Park is really cool”

“He has a lot of insight”

“I’d never thought of it this way before. “I like his way of thinking.”

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