EXO’s impressive performance on “Killing Voice” receives high praise from netizens

EXO has once again captivated their fans with the release of their 7th album, “EXIST“.

The excitement was further heightened by their recent appearance on “Killing Voice“, where they performed their greatest hits and explored their extensive discography.

Netizens were particularly struck by the members’ effortless harmonization and powerful vocals.

Netizens shared their thoughts on a Korean online community, expressing their admiration for the group.

Netizens commented:

“Baekhyun’s voice made my heart flutter from the low pitch to the high pitch.”

“Why does it seem so short? Give me more, give me more.”

“It’s tantalizing because you can only hear one verse at a time. T_T I want to hear more.”

“I was wondering why there wasn’t a real Kai, but then I remembered that he joined the army…”

“Everyone sings well without making an effort.”

“Wow, they sing live really well. I like how the sounds get louder and louder.”

“They sound crazy…”

“I’m watching it right now, and it’s a f***ing masterpiece party.”

“They know how to live. I’ve heard these songs before, but they all sound new to me.”

“All of the songs they put out are good, but they haven’t done enough songs yet, so please do it again…”

“20 minutes goes by so quickly, I’m shocked haha. The people whose voices I thought were weak are really good haha. “EXO sings really well, and the way their voices blend together is really good.”

“There are a lot of songs that need to be added, but no songs that need to be taken away… T_T” So please take the second part.”

“Wow, everything’s great…The voices are better than I expected. I thought they were part of a rap group! Sounds like a rock song.”

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