TWICE’s Jeongyeon spotted looking slimmer, netizens say she’s coming back on track

Jeongyeon of TWICE is looking slimmer and healthier, according to netizens

Korean netizens have been impressed by recent photos of TWICE’s Jeongyeon on Instagram. Jeongyeon has undergone a significant transformation in her appearance over the past few years, and her weight has been a topic of discussion.

In the past, Jeongyeon’s sudden weight fluctuations, which occurred during periods of hiatus due to neck pain and panic and anxiety issues, caused concern among fans.

However, recent photos show Jeongyeon looking slimmer and more radiant than ever.

Fans were delighted to see Jeongyeon looking healthy and slim. Many praised her for losing weight and left comments such as:

“She’s getting back on track”

“I just hope she’s always healthy”

“I wonder what blush she uses, it looks great on her”

“As long as you’re healthy, Jeongyeon”

“I hope you don’t get sick again”

“As long as she’s healthy”

“She’s truly impressive… especially considering the side effects of her condition”

“I wonder if her body is okay now. I hope she won’t get sick again”

“It was hard to see her in pain. Be healthy”

“Her pigtails are so cute”

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