“Hot babe!” Netizens are going crazy over BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s dramatic change in a new “Legendary” photoshoot

Jisoo‘s “ELLE” covers always show how beautiful she is in different ways.

Jisoo of BLACKPINK has been getting a lot of attention since she changed so much for her future covers on ELLE Korea.

Since she first came out, Jisoo‘s “Princess-Like” looks have always made her stand out. Jisoo usually wears less makeup and dresses more like a princess, whether she is on stage or just going about her day.

Jisoo is known for her Princess style, but for her latest ELLE editorial, she looked nothing like that.

Jisoo has had some memorable looks when she has been on the cover of magazines in different countries over the years. This shows how versatile her beauty is.

On July 11 (KST), ELLE Korea posted pictures of the new covers Jisoo will be on.

In the pictures, Jisoo is shown in a much darker way than netizens are used to seeing.

She looks stunning. Because it’s so pretty, it’s not surprising that fans turned the picture so they could see Jisoo‘s face right. Even though Jisoo‘s makeup is bold, her face makes it look soft and classy.

In the photos, the idol showed how versatile she was. On one cover, she is lying on a couch in what looks like a lace dress, giving off a “Hollywood” feel. Jisoo‘s hair is pulled back in this picture, which makes her look very sexy.

On one of the covers, Jisoo has a much darker look and wears a black tube top with a jacket to show off her toned body and abs.

Even though the ribbon makes it look very “Jisoo,” it is very different from what the star usually wears.

When the pictures came out, fans couldn’t believe how beautiful Jisoo was. Netizens loved how Jisoo‘s different covers for ELLE show how different she is. The idol’s makeup was much stronger.

Jisoo always makes sure that everything she does is beautiful and glamorous.

The theme of the photoshoot might not be something she’s used to, but it fits her perfectly and gives off a mysterious Hollywood feeling.



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