“The glow up is exceptional!” OH MY GIRL Mimi has changed a lot since she became a famous TV star, and this old video shows it

“Everyone has their own schedule…”

As a singer and TV host, OH MY GIRL Mimi is one of the K-Pop girl group members who is busy right now.

An old video that resurfaced showed that she wasn’t always a star, even though everyone knows who she is now.

Mimi joined the popular reality show Earth Arcade on tvN in 2022, along with rapper Lee Youngji, IVE’s Ahn Yu Jin, and comedian Lee Eun Ji.

This made her well-known in the variety show world. She is also in the second season at the moment.

Audiences loved Mimi right away because she had a natural ability to make people laugh, whether it was through her incomprehensible murmuring or her funny guesses while playing games.

Since her success with Earth Arcade, Mimi has been on a number of other shows. For example, she was a judge on Channel A’s popular dating reality show Heart Signal 4, and she is now the permanent host of SBS’s current events show STAFF ONLY. Mimi won the Rookie of the Year award for comedy shows at the 2022 Asia Model Festival.

Mimi is finally getting the attention she deserves, but it wasn’t always this way. When she was in her girl group with the other girls, she did not always get the most attention.

Mimi‘s first album with OH MY GIRL, came out in 2015. She was the lead rapper, dancer, and back-up singer. Since then, she has been on many stages to play their most famous songs, like “Nonstop” and “Dun Dun Dance.”

A video of Mimi going to Music Bank that was posted on social media in 2019 brought up the time before she was famous.

The post’s caption said that she had been in a meme that showed how sad a “unpopular” person was.

“They say that she was the main character in the meme about the sad girl group member who wasn’t well-known.”
— @enter_lulu

During this time, Mimi‘s friends showed her a lot of love, but netizens noticed that it was very different from the attention she gets now.

They talked about how sad her eyes were and said how happy they were that Mimi was finally getting the attention she deserved.

“Now that everyone knows how much Mimi is worth, she’s so cool! I cheer for the ‘Earth Arcade’ members I like the most.
Mimi is saving tvN”
“The fact that Mimi is in “Earth Arcade 2″ is really…… legendary.”
“I really love Mimi unnie ㅠㅠ”
“Oh, when she bows her head, it breaks my heart.” But Na Young Seok found out what she was worth.
“The fact that she smiles when she’s sad makes me sad.”
“Do well, Mimi
“I’m glad because I think Mimi has been rewarded for getting through the hard times. I hope we can see her for a long time to come.”

Another person on the Internet left a comment that was encouraging and reminded everyone that everyone grows up at different times.

“Everyone is different, just like flowers bloom at different times. You just have to keep doing your best to be a great person until it’s your turn…”— @choyuri517

Mimi gave it her all in OH MY GIRL, and now even more people know her name because of it.

Here’s a video from 2023 of her getting all the love and attention she deserves as she walks to a shooting for SBS’s Cultwo Show.



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