Netizens shower Girls’ Generation Taeyeon with love and support for embracing her recent weight gain

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s recent weight gain has become a topic of discussion among netizens.

Fans who attended her solo concert tour noticed a slight change in the appearance of Girls’ Generation member, Taeyeon. Acknowledging this, Taeyeon herself confirmed that she has put on some weight recently.

In a brief video message to her mother, Taeyeon reassured her that she is eating well and asked her not to worry.

She expressed, “Mom, I am really eating well. So, please, do not worry, and please take care of yourself. Fighting! I love you.

To further emphasize the change, the original poster included footage of Taeyeon from earlier this year, highlighting her appearance at the time.

They stated, “If you’re thinking, ‘How is this gaining weight?’ Then you should see photos of Taeyeon earlier this year after Covid.”

The netizen who shared the post mentioned that Taeyeon had experienced significant weight loss during her Girls’ Generation promotions the previous year, followed by a demanding personal schedule and the impact of Covid-19.

Netizens showed their support for Taeyeon‘s transformations with a series of comments:

“She looks so beautiful as of late!”

“She looks great after gaining back some weight.”

“She looked hella pretty even when she was super skinny, but she looks amazing now.”

“I love chubby Taeyeon!”

“The current Taeyeon reminds me of her debut days.”

“So cute…she is like a fairy.”

“She looks beautiful no matter what, so I just hope she is healthy.”

“I root for her health.”

“I think she would still be like 40kg after gaining weight…”

“Soooooo beautiful.”

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