Han So Hee’s Paris trip becomes a memorable experience for lucky fan: “She truly deserves all the love and support!”

Han So Hee recently made a trip to Paris as part of her duties as Boucheron’s first Korean global ambassador.

She returned to Korea after the event and delighted fans with her warm interactions. One lucky fan shared a heartwarming encounter with Han So Hee during their brief five-minute meeting in Paris.

The fan praised her kindness and expressed excitement for her upcoming music video with BTS‘s Jungkook. Han So Hee not only greeted fans but also graciously accepted gifts and signed items whenever possible.

Netizens took notice of her fan service and commended her behavior and kindness, highlighting other moments where she addressed, acknowledged, and thanked her fans.

Upon her return, Han So Hee continued to demonstrate her thoughtful personality by personally collecting gifts and letters from fans. She carefully held them close and made sure they were safely placed in a bag while being escorted to her vehicle.

Netizens and fans showered her with praise for consistently displaying such kind and caring behavior.

Comments from netizens:

“Han So Hee’s genuine kindness shines through her interactions with fans. She truly deserves all the love and support!”

“It’s wonderful to see a celebrity like Han So Hee taking the time to appreciate and connect with her fans. She sets a great example!”

“I’m so touched by how Han So Hee treats her fans. It’s rare to see someone so down-to-earth in the entertainment industry.”

“Han So Hee’s humble and thoughtful nature is truly admirable. She’s not only talented but also a genuinely good person.”

“Her interactions with fans make them feel seen and appreciated. Han So Hee is a role model for all celebrities out there!”

“I love how Han So Hee values her fans and shows her gratitude. It’s refreshing to witness such genuine appreciation.”

“Han So Hee’s actions prove that she genuinely cares about her fans. It’s no wonder she has such a dedicated and loyal following.”

“The way she handles gifts and letters with care shows how much she values the love and support from her fans. She’s incredible!”

“Han So Hee’s kindness is infectious. She radiates positivity and warmth wherever she goes.”

“I’m proud to be a fan of someone like Han So Hee, who not only excels in her craft but also embodies compassion and humility.”

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