“I think they’re overreacting” — MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Faces Backlash from Parents’ Group for Alleged Indecent Performance

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, has been facing controversy regarding her provocative performance. Recently, a parents’ group accused her of indecent behavior, leading to an investigation by the Seoul Seongdong Police Station.

According to reports on July 10th, the Student Parents’ Human Rights Protection Solidarity filed a complaint against Hwasa, alleging indecent performance.

This group had previously reported her to the police in May after her performance at Sungkyunkwan University’s festival for the TV show “Dancing Queens on the Road.”

During her solo song “Don’t Give,” Hwasa attracted attention for her sensational movements, sparking the controversy surrounding her indecent performance.

In their complaint, the Student Parents’ Human Rights Protection Solidarity argued that Hwasa‘s actions resembled perverse sexual acts, which they believed brought shame to the audience.

They stated that her behavior could not be considered an artistic expression as it did not align with the intended choreography.

A police official stated that they would review the case and, if necessary, call in Hwasa for questioning.

Meanwhile, an official from Hwasa’s agency responded by saying, “We are currently investigating the facts internally.

Netizens comments:

“I think people are overreacting. It’s just a performance, and artists often push boundaries in their work.”

“If the audience felt uncomfortable, they could have chosen not to watch. It’s not fair to blame Hwasa for their personal discomfort.”

“I understand that some people may find her performance provocative, but art is subjective. What may be inappropriate for some might be considered artistic expression by others.”

“This is just another attempt by a conservative group to control artists and limit freedom of expression. Hwasa should be allowed to express herself freely.”

“I haven’t seen the performance myself, but it’s important to consider the intention behind the artist’s actions. Was it meant to shock or provoke, or was it purely for artistic expression?”

“I believe Hwasa should be given the benefit of the doubt until a thorough investigation is conducted. Let’s not jump to conclusions based on accusations alone.”

“It’s disappointing to see such controversies overshadowing an artist’s talent. Hwasa is an incredibly talented performer, and this should be the focus rather than her alleged indecent behavior.”

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