Attrakt Extends Support to FIFTY FIFTY Member Keena on Her Birthday amidst Contract Dispute

FIFTY FIFTY‘s agency, Attrakt, has shown support for one of its members, Keena, on her birthday amidst an ongoing dispute between the group and the agency.

On July 9th, FIFTY FIFTY‘s official Instagram account shared a photo with the caption “2023.07.09. HAPPY KEENA DAY,” celebrating Keena’s birthday.

This gesture from Attrakt has garnered attention as it comes at a time when the trial is in progress, following FIFTY FIFTY‘s application for an injunction to suspend the validity of their exclusive contracts with Attrakt.

In the trial held at the Seoul Central District Court, FIFTY FIFTY argued that they were unable to continue with their exclusive contracts due to several reasons.

These included Attrakt‘s alleged violation of providing settlement data transparently and faithfully, neglecting the members’ physical and mental health care obligations, and a lack of support for their entertainment activities.

In response, Attrakt denied these claims and defended themselves by stating that they had invested a substantial amount of money, approximately 8 billion won, and even borrowed funds from the CEO’s mother.

They argued that FIFTY FIFTY‘s doubts about Attrakt’s capabilities were unfounded and that it was unfair to dismiss their investment and claim that they lacked the necessary ability.

Netizens’ Comments:

“Happy birthday, Keena! Stay strong amidst all this chaos.”

“Attrakt’s support seems superficial considering the legal battle going on.”

“I hope the truth comes out during the trial. Both sides seem to have conflicting claims.”

“Attrakt’s defense doesn’t convince me. Money invested doesn’t necessarily mean proper management.”

“Regardless of the dispute, Keena deserves a happy birthday. Wishing her all the best.”

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