Netizens defend and shield fromis_9’s Lee Chae Young after alleged e-cigarette spotted in her Instagram story

Controversy sparks as netizens discuss fromis_9‘s Lee Chae Young and her Instagram story that catches their attention.

Over the weekend, Lee Chae Young, a member of the K-pop group fromis_9, delighted fans by sharing some artistic photos on her Instagram and Instagram story, offering a glimpse into one of her beloved hobbies.

However, observant netizens quickly noticed an object that drew their attention – an e-cigarette discreetly tucked into a pocket in front of Lee Chae Young.

As e-cigarettes continue to be a topic of heated debate in the K-pop world, netizens once again had varied reactions.

Here are some comments from the internet:

“Smoking isn’t a big deal; many idols smoke. Why all the fuss?”

“It’s not surprising anymore since so many idols have been caught smoking outside their schedules.”

“Idols are just like regular people. They smoke, drink, and yes, they even poop!”

“She’s an adult, so there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“Instead of bothering idols who haven’t broken any laws, focus on those who have.”

“If it were a male idol, fans would find it cool and support him.”

“Are we even sure that’s her? Didn’t she recently change her hair color to black?”

“People are overreacting. It’s not like she took a deliberate photo to promote e-cigarettes. It was probably an accident. Let’s just relax.”

“Considering she might be in a car, it could be someone else’s cigarette. Aren’t we jumping to conclusions? I heard those e-cigarettes are strong even for experienced smokers.”

But some people were more negative and said things like:

“This behavior is typical of a K-pop group nearing disbandment, acting as if they don’t care about anything.”

“I’ve always felt that Lee Chae Young had a delinquent image. Even now during promotions, she acts like she’s everyone’s boss.”

“As a Flover (fromis_9’s fan), I think she has the right to smoke since she’s an adult. But why did she have to post a photo? It hasn’t been a week since Ji Sun’s incident. Fans can’t protect you forever.”

“It’s true that female idols should keep their smoking habits hidden to maintain their image. It might not be the most relevant thing, but a lot of female idols smoke. It’s often suggested to them when they debut and start feeling stressed as public figures.”

Interestingly, a similar e-cigarette was also spotted during a recent live broadcast by Noh Ji Sun, another member of fromis_9, which further fueled the discussions surrounding this topic.



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