“What on earth did I just witness?” — Netflix’s ‘Celebrity’ episode 5 scene sparks intense online debate among netizens

Following the global release of the Netflix-original series ‘Celebrity,’ an episode 5 scene quickly gained attention as one of the most controversial moments, sparking a heated debate among online communities.

The scene in question involves the chaebol character Han Jun Kyung (played by CNBLUE’s Minhyuk) entering his residence and removing his shoes, while his guest Seo Ari (Park Gyu Young) watches.

In the scene, as Jun Kyung walks through the entrance hall, a maid follows closely behind, ready to collect his shoes.

The maid swiftly grabs the shoes from behind, allowing Jun Kyung to continue walking without interruption, and retrieves them as soon as he steps out of them.

This particular “How a chaebol takes off his shoes” scene quickly became one of the most controversial and talked-about moments within the Netflix series during its first week of release.

Netizens had various opinions about the scene:

“How did he not stumble? Haha.”

“What on earth did I just witness? Hahaha.”

“Alright, but what about his socks? Hahaha. And why didn’t he switch to indoor shoes after removing his dress shoes? There’s nothing remotely cool about this scene. Hahaha.”

“I believe this scene was meant to depict the abuse of power by the chaebols, but it only made them look like foolish idiots. Hahaha.”

“It’s such a risky move for both the person walking and the one grabbing the shoes. Hahaha. So many things could go wrong.”

“There’s no way they accomplished this scene in a single take. Hahaha.”

“This is intended to be a funny scene, isn’t it?”

“Why not just pause and stand still for a couple of seconds? Hahaha.”

“Well, they’ve just invented an entirely new extreme sport. Hahaha.”

On the other hand, some netizens offered alternative perspectives:

“I’m actually suspicious whether the writer came across a real-life incident like this and incorporated it based on what they heard. It’s so absurd that it feels beyond the imagination of an average person.”

“The music and everything make it incredibly comedic. Hahaha. But I can’t help but wonder if the scene was inspired by real-life experiences because it’s so unbelievable.”

“I agree. I think they included this scene because they must have heard about something similar happening in real life.”

“Why do I have this feeling that there might be wealthy individuals out there who do something like this, but instead of walking, they simply stand still because they can’t be bothered to bend down to remove their shoes?”

“It’s so unimaginable that it leaves me speechless. I always thought it would be something like the maid taking off their shoes if they put their foot up on a footstool…”

“The writer must have conducted extensive research into the inner workings of the upper echelons of society, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually happens in real life.”

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