“Her playful nature never fails” — TWICE’s Momo proves she’s the queen of aegyo during “TODAY Show” appearance!

TWICE‘s Momo is gaining widespread attention for her carefree behavior just before the group’s performance on American national television.

Despite always receiving praise from netizens for her exceptional talent as one of TWICE‘s main dancers, her undeniable beauty, and her charisma, Momo‘s recent appearance on the TODAY Show has caused her to go viral for a completely different reason.

While Momo looked stunning during the performance, it was her playful actions that captured the attention of netizens.

As the hosts of the show were hyping up TWICE‘s performance of their hit track “Alcohol-Free,” Momo was caught in the background, completely engrossed in doing aegyo (cute, playful gestures).

To add to the amusement, fellow member Dahyun was seen poking Momo during her aegyo, whether to bring her back to focus or simply due to TWICE‘s playful dynamics.

The TikTok account for the show shared the clip, further fueling the excitement. Netizens appreciated the fact that even the person running the account seemed to be a fan of TWICE, evident from their caption.

Many were entertained by Momo‘s nonchalant behavior on live television, especially considering she was the only member facing the camera at that moment.

It showcased the group’s ability to bring laughter to those around them.

The fact that the show’s TikTok account featured the video emphasized the iconic nature of the moment.

Comments from netizens:

“Momo is truly a ball of sunshine! Her playful nature never fails to make me smile.”

“Dahyun poking Momo was the highlight of my day. They have such a fun dynamic!”

“I love how the TikTok account is also a ONCE. It’s like they understand our excitement!”

“Momo’s aegyo is everything! She’s adorable and talented.”

“TWICE always manages to brighten up any stage they’re on. This moment was hilarious!”

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