“She’s really down to earth!” Han So Hee’s Overseas Fan Service Goes Above and Beyond Expectations

Han So Hee, the talented actress, has left fans in awe with her exceptional fan service, even on the international stage.

Recently, a video surfaced on a foreign TikTok account, showcasing Han So Hee graciously signing autographs for her devoted fans on the streets.

During her stay in Paris, France, for her busy schedule, Han So Hee encountered a fan who eagerly requested an autograph.

Without hesitation, she gladly accepted the fan’s request, displaying her genuine appreciation for her supporters.

Going the extra mile, Han So Hee took a seat and kneeled down to beautifully sign autographs, demonstrating her sincerity and attention to detail.

Following the autograph session, Han So Hee showcased her remarkable sense of connection by engaging in small talk with her international fans.

Despite the challenging low angle at which her face was captured, typically resulting in unflattering shots, Han So Hee‘s clear and distinct features mesmerized onlookers.

Furthermore, her exquisite rose tattoo on her neck became a captivating point of interest.

International fans couldn’t contain their excitement as they proudly shared how Han So Hee graciously autographed their phone cases, igniting envy among many.

In a previous interview with Harper’s Bazaar fashion magazine in 2021, Han So Hee expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her dedicated fans.

Reflecting on her journey, she confessed, “I used to feel embarrassed to receive such overwhelming love with just an ordinary outer appearance. However, now I am determined to repay this affection in any way I can. I want to emphasize that these precious hearts are not just a mere source of support but a powerful force that protects and nurtures my growth,” she added.

Han So Hee‘s unwavering dedication to her fans and her genuine interactions continue to win the hearts of admirers, both at home and abroad.

With her exceptional fan service, she has solidified her place as an actress who truly values and cherishes her supporters.



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