“She’s even cuter now” — AKMU’s Suhyun wins hearts with adorable weight gain at “19/20” event

The latest update on Suhyun, a member of the group AKMU, has sparked a lively discussion online. Several posts titled “Recent updates on AKMU’s Suhyun” surfaced on various online communities on July 6.

These posts included a photograph of Suhyun taken at the production presentation of the Netflix entertainment show ‘Nineteen Twenty (19/20),’ which was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul on the same day.

In ‘19/20,’ Suhyun plays the role of one of the MCs on a dating reality show. Wearing a white skirt and a black top, Suhyun effortlessly captivated everyone’s attention with her refreshing demeanor and distinct smile.

She exuded an infectious charm, further emphasized by her adorable smile, which garnered even more interest. Observers have praised her for displaying a more radiant and wholesome appearance compared to the past.

Netizens on online communities such as ‘FM Korea‘ shared their reactions to Suhyun’s recent snapshots. The comments varied, with some expressing surprise and others wishing her good health and happiness.

Here are a few comments from netizens:

“She has become even cuter than before.”

“I hope she takes care of her health and balances her work in a healthy manner.”

“She reminds me of an adorable hamster.”

Overall, the comments conveyed encouragement and support, with netizens urging Suhyun to freely pursue her passions.

On a different note, ‘19/20‘ is a reality entertainment show that focuses on the special moments of growth experienced by Gen Z.

It captures their endearing clumsiness and freshness during the transition from the last week of being nineteen to the first week of being twenty years old.

The show, hosted by Kyuhyun, Kim Ji Eun, Suhyun, and Jung Se Woon, is set to premiere on July 11, promising an engaging and relatable viewing experience.



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