Netizens divided over JYP Entertainment’s treatment of ITZY and NMIXX: Are they wasting their talents?

Netizens voice concerns about ITZY and NMIXX‘s career paths under JYP Entertainment‘s management

In the world of K-pop, numerous talented individuals have emerged over the years. However, there have been instances where the labels and industry have failed to effectively promote these gifted idols, hindering their popularity.

This seems to be the case with JYP Entertainment’s management of ITZY and NMIXX, much to the disappointment of both K-netizens and devoted fans.

ITZY, who debuted in 2019, made a powerful impact with their debut single, “Dalla Dalla,” instantly captivating fans with their energetic performances and catchy music.

As the first girl group launched by JYP Entertainment after TWICE, there were high expectations for ITZY. Unfortunately, fans were disappointed by the lack of frequent activities, with only one world tour to their credit.

Similarly, NMIXX, a rookie girl group that debuted in 2021, brought a fresh and unique vibe to the industry. With their diverse talents and distinctive personalities, they quickly gained attention from fans.

However, supporters of NMIXX were let down by the group’s promotional concepts and released songs. Many fans felt that these releases didn’t fully showcase the group’s true potential and failed to do justice to their talents.

As a result, fans have turned to online communities to express their dissatisfaction and disappointment with JYP Entertainment. One netizen lamented, “It’s such a waste for ITZY. They are all incredibly talented and have so much star power, but the agency fails to propel them properly.” The netizen added, “The concepts are repetitive and lack originality. They’re also making a comeback at the same time as their junior group. Their hair and makeup are poorly done, but they can get away with it because the members are pretty.

The netizen also expressed discontent with NMIXX‘s promotion, highlighting the issues faced by the rookie girl group.

They stated, “Does this mean they treat NMIXX well? Everything has been subpar, starting with a member leaving and the choreography and outfits for the pre-release track being below expectations.”

Furthermore, the netizen questioned whether male idols were treated better, citing an example of Stray Kids‘ concert in Japan coinciding with liberation day and the Chuseok holiday. They raised concerns about the agency’s consideration for the mental and physical health of its members.

Other netizens agreed with these sentiments and shared their own thoughts:

“I’m not sure about NMIXX, but ITZY is truly a wasted opportunity. Chaeryeong has talent and charm, so she could excel in variety shows. Ryujin and Yeji are already popular with female fans, so they just need consistent promotions. Yuna and Lia are visual members. This group could definitely achieve more if the agency managed them better.”

“JYP Entertainment has never been good at managing and taking care of its members, from Wonder Girls to 2PM.”

“I lost my expectations for JYP Entertainment a long time ago. They struggle to follow trends, and their concept often looks tacky.”

“It seems like they are simply not good at managing their artists in general.”

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